Why Fallen?

Our immediate, direct financial support is a one-time unconditional gift to assist the fallen officer’s family, which will bridge the gap until resources from federal, state, local or life insurance are made available.

In the last five years, our nation has suffered an average of 150 officer deaths per year, an “in the line of duty” death every 2-3 days. The impact on the officer’s family, friends, department and community is devastating. Our continuing support is critical as this need will sadly never disappear.



Fallen is dedicated to providing support anywhere in the country, 365 days a year.

Within 72 hours of their loss, Fallen strives to present a fallen officer’s family with $25,000. These funds can be used for whatever the surviving family needs such as assisting with the costs of funeral and burial arrangements, transportation for out of area family members, mortgage, other financial obligations and any unforeseen expenses.